PENNELLI TIGRE produces and commercialize a wide range of painting and decorating tools also apt to the fine arts, in particular: paint brushes of different types, sizes and shapes, with natural and synthetic bristle, as well as rollers, mini rollers, specialist tools and painting accessories.
A history of over 50 years, a company expertise and know-how that has been evolving for three generations along with highly motivated workforce focusing both on the quality and improvement of the product, make Pennelli Tigre a leading company within the paint tools market.

PRODUCTION AND LOGISTICS – PENNELLI TIGRE is located in Scorzè, nearby Venice.
The production is performed with highly specialized machinery, together with the manual and technical work of qualified workforce which, combined together, allow a high degree of flexibility to guarantee the high quality of our products. Finally the warehouse, with thousands of references, enables a fast and precise delivery process.

CUSTOMER-FOCUSED STRATEGYThe customer is at the center of the PENNELLI TIGRE business strategy.
Research into quality and attention to details allows offering a complete range of products both for professionals and the DIY sector which is tailored to the customer requirements. Clients counts on a number of services among which: product and process information, explication of the product availability, pre-and after-sales support etc. Customers can rely on a transparent description of our products as well as on a true description concerning the adopted materials. This enables to provide technical performance, quality at the right price.

PATENTS – Research and innovation have been continuously performed. This enabled to generate two patents for innovations in 2014. The first patent concerns the truncated conic ferrule internally teethed (nr. IT0001412860), whereas the second patent is about the handle with offset – forwarded drive axle (nr. IT0001412861). Both patents have been applied on the innovative brush “Mobi”.

Pennelli Tigre is able to convert the very different needs of professional painters and decorators, artists and leisure users into a range of paint brushes, rollers and tools and equipment which are easy-to-use, practical and reliable. Our products are suited to the demands of the different markets and distribution channels.